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Geotarget, I had no idea what it was and couldn’t even spell it. Now, in my second year I am completely happy with the results. A mysterious fence is magically placed around the area you want to advertise and that’s what us old folks think. You younger generation, computer savvy would know more about how it works. I just understand the results, I have people come in and sat “ Hey, I saw your ad “. One beautiful thing about it is once you commit to the program, you lock your competitor out. You are on the first base and you get to score the home run. We have people come in and say “ hey, I saw your crew on my telephone or I saw it on my computer. It’s amazing ”. I don’t understand the concept, I just understand the results. And the results are “more customers, more customers more dollars”. We all understand that concept. And like I said earlier, once you sign into the program you are locking your competition out.

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