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Matthew Smith

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My experience with Geotarget has been as good one from the beginning. Customer Service has been good, Billing has been good, have not had many issues throughout it. It is definitely a new type of service and coming into this agency, I just recently purchased in the summer of 2020. I wanted to get my name out in the community more than anything. The previous owner of this agency was staple here for a long time, the Mayor of the city. So, more than anything I wanted my face to be visible and seen in the community. Quick example of how that kind of came about with this service – Couple of months ago, I went through a Starbucks drive-thru, the guy kind of looked at me and said “ I know you from somewhere “ and I told him I recently purchased this agency and he was like that’s it I saw you on a video on Youtube and I have several examples of that happening. Honestly, that’s why I decided to renew and add a few more locations as well to make sure that I was getting that continued, consistent access in the community so that people knew my name and my agency is here and I am here to help. So overall, I love my experience, would recommend it to anybody specially in a small community like mine. It seems to be a really good way to get your name and your face out there.

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