Deliver the right message, to the right people, at exactly the right times.

Geotarget helps you reach your customers with a unique local targeting strategy.

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How Geotarget Works

While many marketing firms are happy to blast a small business’ message out to the masses, hoping for a bite, Geotarget takes a much more precise (and cost-effective) approach.

Audience Targeting

Our experts will help you find out exactly who your target audience is, where they are, and the best possible ways to reach them.

Video Content

Video and content marketing don’t just tell customers about you and your products, they create rich, engaging experiences that are proven to influence customer behavior.

Media Mix

We’ll help you create powerful multi-channel marketing campaigns that meet your prospects where they are.

Reporting & Metrics

Our detailed analysis reports don’t just let you know your campaigns are working, they let you know how and why they are working.

Campaign Collaboration

When we get your feedback in addition to the quantitative metrics, we can make more informed decisions across your marketing campaigns.

Strategy Optimization

Our work is never complete. Once your campaign is up and running, we’ll help you refine your audiences and your messaging until you’ve reached optimal efficiency.

Success Stories

We’re lucky that our business is the same as our passion—helping others succeed. That’s why it brings us so much joy when we hear about yet another one of our clients accomplishing and exceeding their goals. It’s a joy we share together with them, and one we’d love to share with you.